Bridegroom: A beautiful love, cut short

So I was browsing my Facebook the other day and the Huffington Post had posted this story about some video that was made about a fight and it became a viral gay video. Intrigued, I clicked it, read the article, watched the video and thought it was amazing.


At the end of the article, Huff had one of those galleries and it was “Other Gay Viral Videos”. As I am going through all 30-something videos, I stumbled upon this video called “IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU” [View it here] I was reluctant to watch the 10 minute video, but I allowed it to play and before I knew it, I was introduced to Shane Bitney Crone.


I learned about his story and instantly fell in love. In a quick synopsis, the documentary Bridegroom follows the story of two men in love, Shane Bitney Crone and Tom Bridegroom. Their love outweighed all obstacles that life threw at them, that is until one day when Tom had tragically died from an accident. You learn that Tom’s family was not accepting the fact that their son was gay and that he had a boyfriend. Sadly, Tom and Shane weren’t married, so all the rights that would extend to a spouse was denied to Shane. Tom’s parents shunned Shane and he wasn’t able to have the privilege of saying goodbye to the love of his life.


The documentary follows Shane as he struggles to come to terms with Tom’s death as well as dealing with Tom’s family. It truly is a tragic story and honestly, it could happen to anyone, gay or straight.


I was able to watch this captivating documentary on Netflix. I truly hope you take a moment to watch it as well! Tap tap


Here’s the trailer:

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