What do you think about this guy?

So I was texting my bestie the other night after returning from a family trip and he was talking about going into his neighbor’s pool. I’ve met said neighbor before and I’d say we’re friends. My bestie kept insisting that I come over and hang for a little bit.


For those who don’t know, my bestie, Mike, is the only person in my personal life that knows I’m gay. I came out to him a few years back when he told me he was bi. He denies that claim, but there has been numerous occasions where I’ve played with his dick before. But that’s another story for another time.


Anyway, Mike kept texting me about how him and his neighbor, Scott, would go skinny dipping in the pool. He kept begging me to come over and would entice me with promises that Scott had a big dick and that they both would be naked. Granted it was already late and I had work the next day, I reluctantly went over.


When I got there, they both were chilling on the deck and clothed. We hung out for a bit and downed a few beers and when they realized that it was getting late, they decided to go into the pool. As Mike was standing there, out of nowhere, Scott comes from behind and pants him, exposing his dick. We chuckled about it and I had noticed that Scott was tying his trunks. So I made the comment, “Oh, you’re smart. You’re tying your trunks tight so Mike can’t get you back.” Without much hesitation, he says “Nope, they’re not that tight. See?” and proceeds to pull his trunks down exposing his beautiful cock. Let me tell you … it was huge and it was soft. He has quite the lean body to begin with and he’s hairy, so I was struggling to hide my boner to say the least. When we were all done, I was so tempted to walk back to the house from my car and just pull his pants down and start sucking. I, however, composed myself and went home and jerked off. LOL


So what do you think about Scott? Gay? Bi? I was giving it a second thought and thought to myself, what straight guy just exposes himself like that? Then again, some do. I don’t know, but I look forward to the day that I get the opportunity to ask him to suck his dick. 🙂


(This photo is legit what he looks like, just more hairy and leaner.)

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