Brangelina No More

So if you haven’t heard the news that rocked the Entertainment industry, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are splitting up. There are rumors that he cheated on her with his current movie co-star, Marion Cotillard. The rumors also state that he smokes weed and drinks and she didn’t like that and calling it quits.


Whatever the reason, it’s all the more reason for Brad to crossover to the gay side. Me personally, I would take care of him, overlook his habits and please him all the time, anytime and as often as he’d like. Just saying…


But seriously, it’s a sad thing. They were together for so long and now that they officially got married, they barely last two years and are calling it quits already? It’s crazy. I truly feel bad for their kids to be honest. In the end, I hope it all just works out and they don’t hurt all 200 of their kids.


New York Post CoverSide note, did you see the cover of the New York Post? The photo of Jennifer Aniston laughing with the headline “BRANGELINA 2004-2016″…. Talk about in bad taste. First of all, it’s a stock photo of Jen laughing. Many people were led to believe that it was taken the moment the news broke. That was wrong.


Let’s see how this all turns out…

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