Meet Henry Licett, the most perfect man ever

Have you heard of Henry Licett? Well if not, let me be the first to introduce you to this hunk-of-a-man. He is from Caracas, Venezuela and is truly the perfect man. From his piercing blue eyes, to his killer smile, to his chiseled body, to his GIGANTIC dick, he really is perfection in human form.


If you were to follow him on Instagram, you’d be teased with super sexy photos of him, most in just skimpy undies, not leaving much to the imagination. For example:


A post shared by Henry Licett (@realhenrylicett) on

A post shared by Henry Licett (@realhenrylicett) on


And if you Googled his name, you’d find some interesting videos of his performances…


Like I said, not much is left to the imagination, but for the most part, you never get to see his actual cock, in all it’s glory. I happened to search for this hottie a bit deeper and I was able to finally uncover that cock, so here a full photo set of Henry for you to enjoy!



I’m not going to lie, this boy makes me THIRSTY AF, but when I see the head of that dick and the thickness, my ass quivers in fear just a little bit! LOL

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