Sense8 Cancelled! How? Why? Wha……!?

So I woke up this morning and noticed I had a notification on my phone from Twitter. I launched the app, looked at the notification and then jumped back into my feed. As the feed refreshed, I had come to read a tweet from Brian J. Smith, one of the actors from Sense8.


This, of course, had me ask “What is he talking about?” Of course, once I began searching for the answer to my inquiry, I immediately became unhappy. I had learned that Netflix had officially announced that Sense8 was canceled. I honestly just couldn’t believe it. I began pulling up a multitude of websites in hopes that maybe, just maybe, I was reading fake news at first. But of course, it was terribly real… All. Terribly. REAL.


I kid you not, I almost began to cry. After finishing up the second season, there were so many questions that remained unanswered that I was looking forward to getting answered in Season 3. There were so many stories that needed to be complete. I honestly just loved this show. It was so relatable in so many ways. The individual storylines were just amazing. The locations were gorgeous. The characters were so loveable (and SEXY). It was truly my escape from reality. I dreamed of being one of them and having that amazing connection with seven other people. I mean the mindblowing orgy sex scenes had me wet as fuck, but the simple concept of being able to share an experience like the symphony with other people in such a special way was just amazing to me.


I’m really and truly so upset that the show was cancelled. I get that the budget was a lot, but this was truly the first time that so many things were done so right in one show. From the transgender issues, to the gay issues, to the family issues, to life issues in general, I could relate to them all. I know this sounds crazy, but I could get lost in their world for an hour and forget about all my problems.


I’m praying that once Netflix sees the outpour of fans begging for its return, they will reconsider, although I know they wont.


Here’s their “Thank You” video 🙁

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