Back in 2007, I took a trip to Greece that changed my life forever. Besides the gorgeous landscapes, I had noticed the extremely gorgeous men throughout the country. As my horny ass explored the country and secretly gawked at each hot guy that I passed, I began to explore Greek hotties online. I stumbled across a gay blog that a local Greek god had created. He posted these gorgeous photos of gay Greek men and had the hottest stories to read.


I then decided to launch A Closeted Gay Boy and have been blogging since then. Unfortunately, I had chosen Blogger as the platform to host my blog. I say it was unfortunate because out of nowhere, they deleted my blog completely and wouldn’t even give me access to the blog to be able to move it somewhere else. So after years of blogging and having a decent following, the entire blog was gone.


I contemplated relaunching the blog for a while now and finally decided to relaunch as This is Queer. I was luckily to secure the domain a while back and finally decided to relaunch.


So with that said, welcome to This Is Queer! Please feel free to comment and start a conversation with me. Eventually, I may open the blog to guest bloggers, so if you’re interested, just let me know!


– Declan